KAVU stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited. That’s an old aviation term used to describe those perfect days when there’s not a cloud in the sky and the view stretches right out to the horizon. More than just a catchy name, it’s an ethos that sums up everything we do, and since 1993 we’ve been dedicated to making fun and functional outdoor clothing and gear that helps you get out there and have as many KAVU days as possible—whether that means a hike in the wilderness or a picnic in the park. 

It all started in the Bering Sea, when our founder Barry Barr—who worked as a commercial fisherman at the time—lost one too many hats to the harsh winds and choppy waters. Taking matters into his own hands, he set about devising a unique cap built with extreme activity in mind. The answer was the Strapcap—a hardy canvas cap held firmly in place with a crafty strip of nylon webbing. This ingenious brainwave was the first of many, and over the years we’ve made more than our fair share of classic designs—from our super-tough Chilliwack Pants to our full-reach Throwshirt. 

Today, not much has changed, and we’re still crafting hard-wearing, clever clothing and seriously-useful accessories—all with plenty of character, and all built for your KAVU days. Get out there.